Although each student's course of study is unique, the following general curriculum provides all students with a comprehensive musical background in order to prepare them for whatever future musical endeavors they wish to pursue.

METHOD BOOKS and correlated SOLO BOOKS teach students to read music fluently in a logical and progressive manner.

SHEET MUSIC is a student favorite. It provides the general satisfaction of completing an entire musical unit in a relatively short period of time. This is a real motivator!

SACRED MUSIC is available for all ability levels, including beginners. I will be glad to include sacred music in a student's curriculum plan upon request.

NOTESPELLERS and THEORY WORKBOOKS reinforce the concepts a student has mastered within a written format. These are valuable aides to understanding the language of musical notation.

SIMPLIFIED CLASSICS are arrangements of classical music with altered notation for ease of playing. Simplified classics provide an opportunity to become familiar with musical masterpieces early in study.

CLASSICS are original piano works by historically recognized composers. These compositions are the most difficult and are not assigned until a student has mastered the fundamentals of reading music to the required degree.

POPULAR MUSIC is an enjoyable aspect of a student's study. Imagine the delight which stems from being able to entertain friends with the theme song from the latest movie or television show. THE CHILD WHO LEARNS TO PLAY POPULAR MUSIC BECOMES THE ADULT WHO CONTINUES TO PLAY THE PIANO FOR A LIFETIME.

Fortunately, the era of the "strictly classical" piano teacher is passing. Contemporary piano education publications include popular music and jazz compositions in method and solo books.