Starla Jackson, B.M.E., M.M.

Huntsville, Texas




Welcome! Starnote Piano Studio has been a leader in piano education in Texas for 30 years. If you are contemplating enrolling your child or yourself, I look forward to a personal meeting for a complimentary evaluation♪♪♪♪Starla Jackson

SURPRISE! ANY CHILD OR ADULT OF AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE CAN LEARN TO PLAY THE PIANO! An unfortunate but common misconception is that only "talented" students should study music. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Would a child be denied English classes just because he did not plan to become a best-selling novelist? Would math be eliminated from his curriculum because he was not expected to achieve the goals of Einstein? Of course not!

ALL musicians, whether hobbyist or professional, study and play for their personal enjoyment and pleasure--and it is no pleasure to play poorly. Every student deserves the best instruction available, regardless of his personal reasons for wanting to study the piano.

Lessons are designed enabling students to learn and succeed. Failure is NEVER an option. Each week, students experience the joy and pride of musical accomplishment, leaving the studio with a positive sense of having mastered a musical concept.

My goal is to provide students a sense of confidence and achievement, while simultaneously challenging them to greater levels of musical accomplishment. Flexible teaching styles enable me to tailor curriculum to best suit each student's uniquely personal learning needs.

Music instruction is an investment that yields a lifetime of dividends. Educators and psychologists have proved that music training:

  • improves coordination between thought and action 
  • encourages orderly thinking 
  • develops concentration and self-discipline 
  • fosters mental alertness and accuracy


The study of music is an investment for a lifetime of enrichment. It is not a product which is purchased weekly.

Tuition is paid monthly. Because tuition includes 9 absences each calendar year, there are no credits or refunds for missed lessons. This policy is standard for private school and private lesson instructors nationwide, whether the study is music, art, dance, drama, martial arts, etc.

Nine absences per calendar year are pre-calculated in the cost of tuition, four for school holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break) and five extra. The lesson calendar generally follows the public school calendar, although Monday holidays are considered lesson days. Tuition guarantees students a total of 43 lessons per year.

Enrollment in piano instruction involves a weekly reserved lesson time. This time is committed to the student, whether or not he chooses to use it. Lessons are an annual course of study, not a weekly product which can be returned and resold. Tuition also pays for a great deal of my time and expense in addition to the in-studio lesson. Discontinued lessons may result in loss of the reserved time.

Please bring any music you already own to the initial consultation for evaluation. Print music provided by the instructor is billed at cost,including sales tax and postage.

Starnote Piano operates under the following guidelines set forth by the The National Music Teachers Association.

    "Tuition is charged on a monthly basis. The statement amount is payable in full, regardless of the reason for student absences. Advance notification of student absences is a courtesy, but will not result in credits or refunds."


1. Parents must make music study a priority so their child will not consider it an option. Absences for birthday parties, shopping, scouting, sports, dances, or other social functions are not excused absences.

2. Schedule your child's practice as a regular part of his daily activities. Never allow practice sessions to be missed except in emergency circumstances. Students must commit to a 5-day practice week. Beginning students will have very little home practice at first until a store of knowledge is acquired.

3. Never permit a student to cancel a lesson due to lack of practice! This only results in falling farther behind.

4. Keep your acoustic piano tuned and maintained regularly. 

Spring and Fall are the best times. Please contact my Tuner/Technician Madilene Loosier at (936)581-0094.

5. How quickly will a student progress? Students will advance in accordance with their dedication and commitment to rehearsal time between lessons, as well as following the instructor's practice directions.